120L Service Station Fuel and Oil Spill Kit

$419.96 Inc GST



For fuel and oil spills, this Ecospill 120L Service Station Spill Kit is suitable for all fuel and oil spills. It is fitted with a clip lock for added security, helping to ensure that the Kit isn’t used for rubbish disposal, making it ideal for Service Stations. Each 120L Service Station Spill Kit contains:

  • 120L Wheelie Bin fitted with Clip Lock Set
  • EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent
  • Absorbent Mats
  • Absorbent Pillow
  • 3m Land Sock for perimeter containment
  • 1.5m Land Socks
  • Acid Resistant Gloves
  • Anti-Static Waste Disposal Bags with Ties
  • Step-By-Step Spill Response Instructions

The main Absorbent Powder is EcoSweep Premium Bioactive Absorbent. EcoSweep is manufactured from a special selection of Australian grown organic cellulose products. These natural fibrous materials are blended and processed to produce a range of absorbents that quickly many liquids, including petroleum, oils, fuels, solvents, cooking oils, sewage, protein fluids and other messy liquids that could pollute or contaminate the work area. EcoSweep is unique in that its fine granules are hollow – which means that they rapidly encapsulate the liquids so they cannot leach back into the environment. Known as the “wicking effect” – once liquids are absorbed, they are consumed into the capsules and cannot separate or drip.

EcoSweep is inoculated with bioactive microbes for the bioremediation of hydrocarbons – that literally ‘eat and digest’ oils so that the spent product is converted into a soil conditioner within a few weeks. Therefore many regions allow EcoSweep to be disposed of to landfill – but this should always be checked according to each region’s local regulations.

With the purchase of your Spill Kit, Ecospill will conduct a basic Spill Kit induction, showing you how to use the products in your kit. If you are outside of SE QLD or Perth areas, a printed Induction Guide (covering the same information) is provided with your kit purchase.

Spill Kit Servicing
To ensure your 120L Service Station Spill Kits are maintained to their maximum spill response capacity, Ecospill offers an onsite Spill Kit Servicing program.  For SE QLD and PERTH Metro customers, our Kit Service Technicians will call onsite to service, check and restock each Spill Kit.  Ecospill does this on either a quarterly or monthly basis, according to your needs.  Each service call is recorded  on the Maintenance Inspection Tag on the Kit.

For regional customers outside those areas we offer a scheduled email/fax service, to ensure your spill kits are maintained and serviced on time.


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