2 Drum Low Profile Spill Deck

$547.80 Inc GST



The economical solution to spill concerns during drum filling and dispensing operations, this Low Profile Two Drum Spill Deck (previously called Accumulation Centre) can be used as a standalone unit, or combined with other spill decks to create your own customised system. As capacity needs increase, use optional joining clips to firmly lock units together and expand your storage space. Sumps remain separate and clips can be removed for easy repositioning.  Features two drain plugs (on diagonal corners) for easy liquid recovery.

  • Sump Capacity – 75 Litres
  • Load Bearing Capacity – 1090 Kg
  • Outside Dimensions – 125cm x 64cm x 14cm
  • Two Drain Plugs

Benefits of Low Profile Spill Decks

  • Provides mess free storage of drums, batteries and other items
  • Allows for stored goods to be near the area you’re working
  • Low Profile Pallets are all manufactured to the same standard height, so you can combine multiple low profile spill decks to give a larger flat storage area
  • Gives the ability to have multiple liquid types stored side by side, but with separate sumps for spill control
  • Light in weight
  • Can be fork lifted into place
  • Spilled liquids can be contained in the sump of the pallet
  • Contains drain plugs so you can easily recover spilled liquids
  • Environmentally friendly


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