20Kg SmartSorb General Purpose Absorbent for HC & GP

$28.97 Inc GST



SmartSorb Absorbent 20kg is a fast acting absorbent for fuel, oil, hydrocarbon and non-aggressive chemical spills.  For general purpose liquid spills.  It is versatile, light in weight and provides excellent absorption. As a mid-range priced product, it offers outstanding absorbency similar to premium absorbents without the cost. It is an excellent alternative to Kitty Litter style absorbents. SmartSorb is inert and safe to use. Proudly Australian made.

SmartSorb Absorbent 20kg Features:

  • Fast Absorption of fuels, oils and hydrocarbons
  • Suitable for Coolants on non-aggressive chemicals
  • All natural mineral product
  • Size: 20kg bag

How to Use SmartSorb Absorbent?
Firstly, before cleaning up any spilled oil, fuel or other messy liquid spill, please make sure you wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you check the SDS of the liquid spilled it will advise you what PPE measures are required for safe clean up. Once you’ve got PPE on, simply pour SmartSorb directly onto the liquid spilled, covering it completely. Use a broom to make sure the whole spilled area is covered, and then work in the product using a circular motion. SmartSorb is fast acting and will absorb the liquid quickly. Once you see that the floor surface area is becoming clean and clear of free liquids, use a shovel or scoop to pick up the absorbed material and place it into a waste disposal bag. If you still have parts that aren’t fully absorbed, then add more SmartSorb and repeat the process until the floor surface is clean and free of hydrocarbons. Seal up the disposal bag and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations.


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