240L Marine Fuel and Oil Spill Kit

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240L Marine Spill Kit is suitable for all fuel, oil, petroleum and other liquid spills in all marine applications. Suitable for use on water or dockside, this 240L Marine Fuel & Oil Spill Kit contains: Floating (interlocking) Booms for perimeter containment; White Polypropylene Absorbent Mats; Acid Resistant Gloves; Waste Disposal Bags with Ties; and Step-By-Step Spill Response Instructions.

Ecospill Floating Booms will not absorb water and will float indefinitely. They are ultrasonically bonded to improve strength and reduce lint. With a unique interlocking system, these floating booms allow easy configuration for any size containment. Dimensions: 125mm x 3m length.

White Polypropylene Absorbent Mats are ideal for absorbing all fuel and oil spills, on both water as well as land. The soft texture grabs fuel and oil and draws it into the fibrous centre. Will not absorb water, but will float indefinitely. Does not leach, drip or mildew. Simply replace when fully absorbed.

With the purchase of your Spill Kit, Ecospill will conduct a basic Spill Kit induction, showing you how to use the products in your kit. If you are outside of SE QLD, a printed Induction Guide (covering the same information) is provided with your kit purchase.


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