3.0m x 125mm Marine Boom HC inter connect (Bag of 4)

$300.10 Inc GST



Suitable for all fuel and oil spills on water, Ecospill Floating Marine Booms are ideal for deployment on water. The polypropylene inner core is reinforced with mesh fabric, making each floating boom durable. The interlocking clips make for easy deployment, simply clip to lock multiple booms together (over-lapped by 30cms each end) to extend perimeter protection as large as you need. Will not mildew or leach. Floats indefinitely on water.


  • 125mm in diameter by 3m long
  • Interlocking Clips
  • Durability

Sold in bags of four booms.


Fast response is essential when it comes to fuel and oil spills on water. The first action should be to contain the spill, and floating marine booms should be deployed around the perimetre of the spill in order to stop it’s spread. Floating Booms should be overlapped by approximately 30cm at each end of the boom, and each boom can be securely clipped to the previous one. Use multiple booms as required so that the spill perimetre is completely contained. Once the spill is contained then clean up measures can begin.

Floating Marine Booms can be left in place once deployed. Because they are polypropylene, they will not absorb water and can be left until they are saturated with fuel and oil. Once fully saturated or fully absorbed then they can easily be replaced with fresh Floating Marine Booms. The length of time they can be deployed is indefinite and largely depends on the water and any mitigating tidal conditions.


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