3.0m x 90mm HazChem Land Sock Yellow HZ (HZ300 Carton x 5)

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Chemical or Hazchem Land Socks play an important role in spill containment. Before any clean up measures can commence: a spill must first be contained. Land Socks are used to surround the perimetre of a spill, or to block and protect a near by drain. Ecospill Chemical Land Socks 3m Length are thick and super absorbent. Land Socks can also be called containment socks, or containment booms.

  • Ideal for most Chemical spills including including
    alkalis, acids, caustics and corrosives
  • Used around the perimeter of the spill to contain it
  • Filled with premium polypropylene material
  • Size: 90mm in diameter x 3m Length


The first step in cleaning up a chemical or dangerous goods spill is to stop the source of the spill (literally pick up the object that is spilling), and the next step is to contain it. In other words, stop the spill spreading. The most effective way to contain a chemical spill is to deploy Land Socks around the perimeter of the spill. Place either the 1.5m or the 3m Land Sock around the edge of the spilled liquid. Use multiple land socks if needed, overlapping them by approximately 30cm on each end, until the spill is completely surrounded. This will ensure that the edge of the spill is absorbed into the land sock and as long as the source of the spill has been stopped, no further liquid will breach the land sock perimeter. Now you can switch to clean up measures.


Any liquid spilled will continue to flow in the direction of gravity. Good site construction means that industrial sites are designed in order to flow all excess water towards stormwater drains, to prevent flooding. This is fantastic when you have a rain event, but it also means that any spilled liquids are also going to flow in the direction of stormwater drains. If you have a chemical spill in the vincinity of a stormwater drain it is vital to deploy a land sock in front of the stormwater drain. The easiest way to do this is to lay a Chemical Land Sock 3m or a 1.5m in front of the stormwater drain if it’s a kerb and channel style, or surrounding it in order to block any flowing liquids from entering it.

Important – In the event of a major spill incident it might also be advisable to consider using a drain seal as well as Land Socks for further drain protection. The drain seal literally seals off an open drain entrance completely, providing a tacky seal so that no liquids can enter the drain. Click for more information on Drain Seals.


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