30L Corrosive Storage Cabinet – Polyethylene

$2,612.61 Inc GST



Every DrumSmart Corrosive Storage Cabinet provides a safe, close-by, secure and on-site storage of dangerous and corrosive materials and helps you to maintain good housekeeping practices. All safety cabinets are fire tested and exceed Australian Standards AS1940. They provide a simple and safe solution by keeping dangerous goods right where you need them, but never at the risk of your safety.

Made from 100% Polyethylene construction, each Corrosive Substance Polyethylene Cabinet provides optimal protection against leaks. Chemically inert, linear low-density polyethylene offers maximum resistance against rust and corrosion. For Indoor Use only.


  • 30 Litre Capacity, 30 x 1L Bottles
  • 2 Shelves, 2 Doors
  • Internal Dimensions (mm): 720 x 805 x 475
  • External Dimensions (mm): 890 x 920 x 565

Benefits of Using a Corrosive Storage Cabinet – 30L size

Best Practice. Corrosive goods substances are highly reactive and not all staff are aware of the risks of reactivity and compatibility of class 8 goods. It is best practice then to store corrosive substances safely, secured in a locked cabinet, separating reactive substances and only storing according to compatibility. Not only is it safer, but it just makes good sense for productivity and optimum use of resources. Goods can then be stored at the point where you need to use them most. Having the chemicals you need within arm’s length of your workspace, or in a designated location increases production and minimises lost productivity.

Safety First. The risks to staff are minimised and hazards are reduced when corrosive substances are stored correctly within correctly signed Safety Cabinets. Corrosive leaks can destroy and cause costly damage to equipment and risk personal safety. Fires are unforgiving and don’t discriminate, a fire in your workplace will burn through the place in no time, and quite literally every moment counts. Having corrosives safely stored away in a DrumSmart fire-resistant Corrosive Storage Cabinet means the risk of ignition is pretty non-existent and not likely to happen. And secondly, if there is already an existing fire event elsewhere in the workplace, it will serve to protect your highest flammables from igniting the fire further, providing personnel valuable extra time to evacuate.


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