4 Drum Containment Pallet (Inline)

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Made of tough 100% polyethylene, each DrumSmart 4 Drum Inline Containment Pallet is impervious to most chemical, acids and corrosives, and provides an effective guard against dangerous leaks and spills by trapping toxic liquids within the body of the pallet. Quite simply the most effective containment solution for drum storage. With a 4 Drum Containment Pallet Inline you can safely store up to four 205L drums, knowing that any unplanned spills will be contained within the sump of the pallet.

Design features include forklift pockets, and multiple structure supports to simply manoeuvrability without compromising strength.


  • 4 Drum Containment Pallet
  • Sump Capacity: 230L
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 1350kg
  • Size: 249cm L x 64cm D x 30cm H
  • Weight: 36kg

What’s the Benefits of an ‘Inline’ Pallet?

Depending on your site configuration, having all four drums safely stored in line provides easy access to each drum stored. Each drum can be accessed at all times because none is obscured by a drum in front of it. So if your productivity demands are such that you need to access each drum, then an Ecospill Four Drum Inline Containment Pallet is the ideal configuration for you. Ecospill also has a square Four Drum Containment Pallet also available, in case that is a better option for you.


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