50L Fuel and Oil Spill Kit – Restock Only (No Bag)

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This Re-stock Pack – 50L contains all the consumable items you would need to completely refill a 50L Oil & Fuel (Hydrocarbon) Spill Kit.  It’s a handy and cost-effective way to re-stock your spill kit. Why purchase each item individually when you can save money by purchasing a bundled re-stock pack.  Each 50L Oil & Fuel Re-stock Pack contains:

  • 2 x 2kg EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent Powders
  • 1 x 3m Land Sock for perimeter containment
  • 15 x Absorbent Mats
  • 1 x Absorbent Pillow
  • 1 x pair Acid Resistant Elbow Length Gloves
  • 4 x Antistatic Waste Disposal Bags with Ties

Simply add the re-stock pack to your cart to buy now.  Would you like further advice?  Call our team on 1300 736 116 for helpful professional advice.


At Ecospill, we use EcoSweep Bioactive Absorbent in all our spill kits to give you the very best option for fast absorption and spill control.   However, you have probably seen a vast range of oil and fuel absorbent powders and options, ranging from ‘kitty litter’ types to granular types to bioactive powders.  While all are advertised to be suitable for spill control, it’s important to understand that not all are absorbents are EPA compliant and not all work the same. The main difference between absorbent powder options is that some are Absorbents, while others are ADsorbents.


Adsorbents – Clay-based, Zeolite based, ‘Kitty Litter’ type:

  • Adsorbent only – the spilled liquid merely coats the outside layer of the clay particle.
  • It will leach – because the spilled liquid only clings to the outside layer, it will seep out, leaving a messy film that spreads.
  • Poor, slow absorption – the absorbent material must be left standing in place for a period of time to try and soak the spilled liquid.
  • Messy – Leaves the surface with a wet film.
  • Costly Disposal – cannot be disposed of to landfill (source: EPA Guidelines 378/13 “Disposal of Used Hydrocarbon Absorbent Materials“.
  • Potential Harm – clay contains silica dust.
  • Not EPA Compliant – absorbed materials must not leach.

Absorbents – EcoSweep Bioactive Absorbent type:

  • Absorbent – contains hollow granules that encapsulate the spilled fuels and oils.
  • Will NOT leach – the granules literally ‘eat and digest’ the spilled liquid.
  • Fast Absorption – the spilled oil and fuel is absorbed up quickly.
  • Not Messy – leaves the floor surface clean and dry.
  • Easy Disposal – EcoSweep can be disposed of to landfill and gradually converts into a soil conditioner.
  • Safe and Organic – EcoSweep is 100% organic and inert.
  • EPA Compliant – EcoSweep passes the USEPA Paint Filter Test 9095A and does not leach absorbed material.



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