60L Flammable Safety Cabinet, 2 shelf (6 x 2.5lt)

$1,337.49 Inc GST



For safe, secure, onsite storage of all types of dangerous chemicals (non-corrosive) and flammable liquids, to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities. They especially help you to improve efficiency by having identified, organised and segregated dangerous goods liquids stored near their points of use. This 100L Flammable Safety Cabinet is specially designed to fit under a bench top. Full features include:

  • Fully welded 1.2mm steel double wall.
  • 40mm thermal barrier.
  • Electrostatic high gloss powder coat finish.
  • Dual vents for ventilation.
  • Sequential self-closing and latching doors.
  • Continuous stainless steel piano hinges.
  • Leakproof containment sump.
  • Adjustable shelf heights.
  • Adjustable levelling feet to prevent doors binding.
  • AS1940-2017 compliance.
  • Configuration – 1 Shelf, 1 Door


  • 60L Capacity (will fit 12 x 2.5L Drums)
  • External Size in mm: 1065 H x 505 W x 460 D
  • Internal Size in mm: 785 H x 420 W x 375 D
  • Weight: 62kg

Benefits of Using a 60L Flammable Safety Cabinet

Best Practice. Even the smallest amount of flammable liquid can ignite and devastate a workplace. Even if you are lucky and there is no damage to personnel, the lost production time and disruption to a business because of a fire can be catastrophic. The best practice is to realise the dangers of even small amounts of flammable liquids and store them safely in a fire resistant safety cabinet. Goods can then be stored at the point where you need to use them most. Having the chemicals you need within arms length of your workspace, or in a designated location increases production and minimises lost productivity.

Safety First. The risks to staff are minimised and hazards are reduced when flammable goods are stored correctly in Safety Cabinets. Fires are unforgiving and don’t discrimate, a fire in your workplace will burn through the place in no time, and quite literally every moment counts. Having flammables stored away in a DrumSmart fire resistant cabinet means the risk of ignition is pretty non-existent and not likely to happen. And secondly, if there is already an existing fire event elsewhere in the workplace, it will serve to protect your highest flammables from igniting the fire further, providing personnel valuable extra time to evacuate.

Exceeds Australian Standards. DrumSmart Flammable Safety Cabinets are manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards and quality control checks.


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