Aerosol Safety Cabinet – 216 Cans (Horizontal Configuration)

$1,517.67 Inc GST



DrumSmart’s Aerosol Can Storage Cabinet – 216 Can Horizontal configuration is ideal for safe, secure, onsite storage of class 2 aerosol cans.  Convenient and affordable, these safety cabinets provide identified, organised and segregated aerosol cans stored near their points of use. This aerosol safety cabinet can store 216 aerosol cans and is lockable for added security. It is suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Use.<


  • Fully welded 1.6mm thick heavy duty steel construction.
  • Electrostatic high gloss powder coat finish.
  • Heavy duty locking door.
  • Complete with bolt down plates for extra security.
  • Excellent ventiliation.
  • AS3833-2007 Compliant
  • Configuration: 2 Doors, 3 Shelves
  • Maximum Capacity: 216 Aerosol Cans
  • External Size in mm: 900 H x 900 W x 400 D
  • Internal Size in mm: 820 H x 820 W x 320 D
  • Full Safety Signage

Featuring a UV stable powder-coated steel exterior, which is fully welded, not bolted together like some inferior cabinets.   Furthermore, each cabinet comes with the appropriate safety signage and warning labels.  Each Aerosol Can Storage Cabinet –  108 can capacity is manufactured to Australian Standards AS3833-2007 so that you can be assured of a quality product.


Best Practice. Oxidising Agent substances (whether liquid or solid) when spilled or stored incorrectly can devastate a workplace. As a result, there could be an injury to your staff, and the lost production time and disruption to business because of a fire can be catastrophic. The best practice is to realise the dangers of even small amounts of aerosols and store them safely in a safety cabinet manufactured to AS3833-2007 specifications.  This means that you can then store class 2 aerosols safely, within the quantity limits recommended.

Safety First. Since class 2 aerosols are also flammable, they pose an ignition or fire risk in the workplace.  You can minimise this by storing them correctly in a safety cabinet.  Our Safety Cabinets help to prevent ignition, along with keeping containers stored properly in a secure cabinet.  Fires are unforgiving and don’t discriminate, a fire in your workplace will burn through the place in no time, and quite literally every moment counts.

Meets Australian Standards. DrumSmart Aerosol Can Storage Cabinets are manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards and quality control checks.


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