Drain Filter 1200 Complete including Bilge and Tank Skimmer

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Ecospill Drain Filters are a practical and cost effective devices that assist in the management of site storm water, by capturing oil, fuel, soil and other debris that would have otherwise been washed from within the site into the storm water drain.

The Drain Filter consists of two main parts: the main skirt that contains an oil sediment basin; and a Bilge Sock (filled with absorbent polypropylene material). The bilge sock is suspended inside the oil sediment basin, capturing and absorbing any fuels and oils in the water being flushed through it. Disposal and replacement of the Bilge Sock is simple: once it reaches saturation (filled with absorbed oils), or if it becomes damaged, simply replace with a new Bilge Sock. Since it contains absorption material that won’t leach or drip absorbed liquids, the Sock can simply be placed in the general waste bin.


  • Drain Filter 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Contains an Bilge Sock, made of Polypropylene to absorb fuels and oils
  • Will not leach or drip
  • Easy to deploy and simple to use
  • Drain protection whenever and wherever you need it most


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