DuraBund 150 Corner Piece

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These handy DuraBund 150 Corner Pieces make installation of DuraBund Floor Bunding around corners simplified, without the need for messy or wasteful mitre cuts. Pre-cast 90 degree corner piece to suit DuraBund 150mm Floor Bunding. Usual DuraBund installation instructions apply.

Made from tough urethane, DuraBund offers outstanding strength as well as chemical resistance. DuraBund is the original floor bunding that won’t chip, split or crack. It is suitable for all types of warehouse traffic, including vehicles, forklifts, pallet jacks and reach trucks.


Floor Bunding provides a permanent ‘bund’ for spill containment. It acts like a sump for spilled liquids, by stopping them from leaching out of a defined area. DuraBund can be installed directly around the stored liquids, or simply across the entrance to the workshop premises. By installing bunding around the workshop entrance, you effectively ensure that no liquid spills can accidentally leach out into the environment. The exception is when large quantities of liquids are stored – when that is the case, Ecospill recommends installing DuraBund around the specific area where the liquids are stored.


DuraBund lengths can easily be installed by any person skilled in operating tools, or by a trades professional. The easiest way to install DuraBund is to purchase one of our DuraBund Installation Kits, which contain all the essentials you’ll need (cleaners, adhesives etc) as well as full instructions. The installation kits can be purchased online on our website in 5m, 10m, and 15m kits. We can also supply DuraBund Installation Kits in any size to suit your installation.


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