Roll Out Mat 0909 Restock – Pack of 10

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This is a Refill Pack for ROM0909 Roll Out Mats. It is a pack of 10 Absorbent Mats to fit an Ecospill 900mm x 900mm Roll Out Mat (ROM0909). Suitable for absorbing Fuel, Oil and Non-Aggressive liquid spills, leaks or drips. Made from Polypropylene to quickly absorb spilled liquids. Pack of 10 Mats.

To use, simply replace the existing used Mat by lifting the velcro sides on the Roll Out Mat. Place one or two Absorbent Mats (depending on your absorbency needs) between the solid base and shade cloth top, and fasten the velcro back in place. Dispose of the spent absorbent mat in a waste bag according to local regulations. Anti-Static Waste Bags are available from Ecospill separately.


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